The Great Wall of China Camping Trip

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be living and working in China when I began teaching almost 20 years ago.  China was never a place on my radar, however, in just this short period of time I am glad and quite grateful for the opportunity to see and experience it.  The following photos are of my one night camping trip  at The Great Wall… it was unreal.  We hiked and climbed the Lakeview Section of the Wall.  That took us about 3 hours! After that we had to pitch our tents, eat and try to relax.  Such was not the case for many of the kids…they were awake most of the night! I survived my first foray w the “squatty potty” which was fine when the thing was somewhat clean. At least they were private ones and not ones in which you had several in one place, but no partitions as is normally the case w public toliets here.  Overall, it was a very surreal and spiritual time and I’m grateful to be a part of this magic.

The good guys…All American Boys!

Jeffrey (on the left) is like me, a NJ native and I can consider him a God-send.  He was in one of my WeChat groups ( the way most communication is done here in China) and was quite helpful in giving me solid advice long before I was set to arrive.  I knew he worked for the same company, but didn’t expect that we would meet so soon.  He came into my building as I was preparing to exit and board the shuttle for immigration and handing over my passport this morning.  Typical me, I said hello to everyone in his group that passed me and it never dawns on me that he was the guy from the group.  Lol As luck would have it, he reached out later to see how things were going and to tell me he was at my campus for a mtg.  I was like, was that you this morning that passed me by ?  Lol Too funny!  I told him we had to do a pic together and he was gonna make my blog. Lol  Good sport…


The second fella is Daniel… I call him Boy Wonder because he got to a Beijing a whole week in advance just to take in the sights and wander around a bit.  He fears nothing.  He hails from Raleigh, North Carolina and is an Art Teacher in my building.  I love his spirit of curiosity and his lack of fear.  He just goes…he loves to explore.  He is also very helpful to us gals. He is also very funny! Never a dull moment when he’s around.  Today he was one of the people w me going to immigration services and the only one of the handful who had to have his bag checked after it failed the X-ray machine.  What did he have in it? A tool kit which looked to have a pair of scissors in there as well because he was going to assist another colleague with  something after work. Too funny. he didn’t get into trouble, but they held the tools outside until we were done with our business.  I tell him there is always THAT one… Daniel with his big heart, nomadic spirit and helpful soul.

Busy Me!

Been a minute since I was able to get here an update this page but I appreciate you waiting for me!  I have been having an incredible time and hard to always capture it all when you are in the moment!    This past week alone, I have hired a tech tech to come to my house, hire an Ah Yi (housekeeper) and gotten on a city bus!  There’s is always so much to do here! Like NYC, Beijing is like the city that never sleeps…

Scenes from Beijing

Beijing is quite congested and there seems to be people, bikes and scooters everywhere.  They have designated areas that run along side the roadways and street for them to  ride their bikes and scooters but they always manage to be on the sidewalks….

Another interesting thing about being here is that ALL foreigners must register w the police.  Yup!  Failing to do so could spell trouble… the rental agent will work with you, even taking you to the local station to facilitate this task…

Have I been getting stares?  Yup!  Touching not an issue thus far….I just smile and say  hello in Chinese.. ni hao (knee how)!


Here are a few flicks from what I’ve seen thus far…the streets, one of  the markets we visited and a few faces from the BIBS Company.  Not all of us are at the same school, there are three different campus spread out in this area.




She’s off and running!!!

And so it begins…

July 29, 2018  in the wee hours of the morning, two groups of cars; one departing from Newark, NJ, that held me, my daughter, my sister Mia and her hubby (the driver) and the other, departing from Trenton w my mom and twin sister Yoshi, all headed to Philadelphia Airport.  It all seemed so surreal that it was finally happening…I was headed to Beijing, China!  Before I really got on my way, I had a 6 hour layover in Chicago, but I had arranged to see my paternal Aunt Deany and her husband, Al, during that time, so I was scooped up and went to their home and had a huge hot breakfast.  They are quite well traveled,  so they showed me scrapbooks from their many travels in and around South East Asia. It felt good to have th right support and expertise as I began this journey!  Once I got back the plane…I had 13 hours of flying time…ohhhhhh wee!  The seats are close together…I expected a little more room,  but you don’t get that unless you pay extra… note to self…might jump on that for my Christmas return.